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* Feminnale of Contemporary Art - is the Feminist Biennale (yes, almost like a triumph of feminism), it brings together artists with a feminist stance, who in their works show social ailments that prevent people from reaching a healthy reality.

Biennale includes audiovisual works by artists from any country.  Biennale is held every two years in one of the settlements or non-populated areas, also, in any country. In addition to the exposition of works, Biennale includes a number of different events aimed at increasing the participation of the population in the processes of changing the situation towards improving the position of women in society.

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Feminnale 2019



Economic freedom (point) Woman.


27 November – 15 December, 2019

Bishkek, Gapar Aitiev Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts

Curators: Altyn Kapalova & Zhanna Araeva


Feminnale opened on 27th day of November and lasted 17 days: 17 labor migrant women burned in a printing house in Moscow 3 years ago on the 27th day.


Feminnale 2019  was dedicated to the topic of women's economic freedom. Breastfeeding fostresses, breakfast, lunch and dinner-feeding fostresses. Fostresses with milk in their breasts and a ladle in their hands have new responsibilities, fostresses must bring financial resources to the family, continuing to breastfeed and spoon-feed all family members. Who is a wet fostress? Woman with milk in the breast ducts? A woman who is responsible (according to a patriarchal society) for preparing meals for family members? The woman who provides the family financially? A woman who leaves for labor migration to support her family? How much economic freedom does this woman have?

All these issues were raised by artists and activists who exhibited their work, held events, master classes and performances. For 17 days, activists held events on economic freedom, emancipation, feminism, mental and physical health. Visitors of the exhibition learned to draw, dance, write texts together with the artists.

Feminnale 2019 sparked controversial public debate, leading to partial censorship of the exhibition. After negotiations with the Ministry of Culture, some of the exhibits were taken to private territory, to the coworking space of “Ololo”, where they were exhibited until the very end of the exhibition. © 2018-2020