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A March Of Solidarity

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A March Of Solidarity

Peaceful March in honor of the International day of Women's Solidarity and Struggle for Equal Rights!

March 8 is a political date. Just as 100 years ago, when women first marched around the world for their rights and freedom, as today’s  united gender, women's, and feminist movements are important. And it is March 8 that symbolizes the solidarity of all, both women and men, who share the struggle for equal rights. This is the original political meaning of this date.

Continuing the idea of fighting for equality, expressing solidarity with women around the world who are defending their rights, we, civil activists and feminists of Kyrgyzstan, hold an annual peace March. Currently, marches are being organized in two cities in Bishkek and Osh. In the future, together with your support, we plan to cover the entire country. So that on March 8, in every city of Kyrgyzstan, women and men go out on a peaceful March and raise issues that need to be addressed.

Despite the fact that the Constitution of our country proclaims the equality of all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation and social status, Patriarchy, exploitation of women's labor, violence against women and girls are not reduced, but strengthened even more.


Photo: Anna-Tia Buss © 2018-2020