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Vlogger Girls Trainings

Vlogger Girls Trainings

Girls' Day is celebrated around the world on October 11 to highlight the social problems, inequality, and specific threats facing girls around the world.

On this day, we are starting the UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic project to strengthen the potential of girls and their social role by teaching them the skills of photo and video blogging. This course aims to enable girls to talk about their own needs and wants, about the challenges they face every day, about their lives and dreams. We believe that every voice is important, and in the age of innovation and information technology, every girl can declare herself to the whole world.

Our trainers are practicing bloggers who write, shoot photos and videos, promote their accounts in various social networks. We basically assembled a team of NOT experts, but ordinary and very cool specialists. They will tell us about their journey and, together with the participants, will try new and effective ways to express themselves, their communities, and the issues that concern them.

Our trainers:
Perizat Saitburkhan, passionate debater on political topics.
Nargiza Mamatkulova, director, shoots cool clips for the cool Gulzada.
Altyn Kapalova is a handyman who can do everything. And she will tell us how to write stories.
Aziza Murzashova is just a cool blogger, editor of the magazine and zhүdөgөn ene.
Maria Kolesnikova - Kyrgyz PR manager and correspondent, will teach the SMM in Kyrgyz.
Guliaim Aiylchy is just a feminist.
Zhanna Araeva is a media economist, whatever that means, it is very necessary.
Zhanna Zharmatova is a boktukorgon artist.

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